Four Options Every Business Owner Should Know In A Recession

1. Build a niche market.

During a recession finding a niche market can be extremely profitable and beneficial for a company. This will allow you to develop your company into a "recession proof" business. Depending on exactly where your business is as we head into 2023, one way for surviving a recession is to niche down. Evaluate the business you have and ask yourself these questions:

  • What products or services are your top sellers? These are the items that bring in the most profit.
  • What are people asking for?


2. Diversify your offers.

Another way for companies to see success is to expand your service and product offerings. This is useful for businesses that already offer multiple services or products in an industry. Here are a few ways to diversify:

  • Merge/Collab with a business offering a complementary service,s ex. graphic designer and website development company.
  • Sell similar items or services if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront, ex. a yoga studio that offers yoga mats, clothing, and accessories for sale.


3. Vertical integration.

The best way to describe vertical integration is by example. Netflix vertically integrated by starting to create to original content rather than just licensing out existing content furthering revenue. Break thru another walls that run inline with your business.


4. Consider career opportunities.

Be open and willing to explore new options. No business is going to have smooth sailing during its lifetime. If you have a good idea or want to explore different avenues than what you have been doing, do not hesitate to expand your horizons.


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