8 Signs Your Small Business Has A Great Team

When you skim the list of what your business needs, does a great team make the cut? We sure hope so! Why?

It boils down to this . . .

While you may have the funds, the vision - you name it - your business will only be as strong as the employees that you hire. From customer service to being the hands and feet behind the services or products that you offer, they are responsible for much of your business operations. Therefore, you want people who will be committed to your business's growth and your customers' satisfaction. Not just people looking for another job.

So, how do you know if you're hiring people who know what they're doing or are willing to learn quickly? While there’s no foolproof way to know that it'll work out with a new hire, there are certain qualities to keep an eye out for.

Here are 8 characteristics of a legendary team in the making:

Work Ethic

  • They don't just show up - they work hard and produce quality results to the best of their knowledge and abilities every day
  • They demonstrate their competence through high levels of productivity and expertise without supervision

    Social Intelligence

    • They exhibit the ability to get along with others and understand them
    • They actively listen to their colleagues to better understand others' perspectives to facilitate better conflict resolution


      • They get to work on time
      • They respect and meet deadlines
      • They pay attention to details and take initiative
      • They support their colleagues
      • They are consistent; they do what they say they will do


      • They communicate clearly, transparently, and intentionally
      • They are proactive in addressing conflicts and start conversations when needed
      • They are comfortable delivering and receiving feedback


      • They are open to change and opportunities for improvement
      • They pivot when needed to meet the needs of a challenge
      • They think creatively and innovatively


      • They put forth effort to cultivate a positive work environment
      • They foster mutual respect
      • They value diversity, equity, and inclusion


      • They work effectively even with little supervision
      • They are engaged and focused
      • They take ownership of business goals

      Team Spirit

      • They work with and rely on one another
      • They show enthusiasm and loyalty
      • They recognize that a win for the business is a win for them, too

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