How Rising Rates Can Put a Small Business on Hold

As a small business, a fluctuation in interest rates or even product cost, can put a major damper on your company. Wether it is gas prices going thru the roof, or an interest rate hike, you need to be prepared for the worst. Borrowing money from a bank has been more impossible now than ever. With constant guideline adjustments and restrictions, it is basically inaccessible with any blemishes or hiccups in your business's history.

Rising interest rates challenge small businesses that are already struggling to survive. Some businesses are cutting back on borrowing money, paying down debt or delaying growth plans as interest rates rise. But in reality is causing their companies to slowly bleed.

Now is the time to get funding for your business before rates raise even higher. You can apply for working capital here at! Now is the time to try to capitalize on opportunities, with struggling businesses, come desperate business deals. Have the backing you need to squeeze all the juice out of the lemon.