Small businesses and Holidays 2022

This year small businesses are stocking up their shelves earlier this holiday season to help avoid any supply chain issues like the past 2 years.

The past 2 years, holiday shopping has been extremely strong, due to pandemic stimulus money and bull markets.

Usually for a business, sales in November and December on average are about 20% of their annual sales. Which is why the Holidays are so crucial for a business.

This year may be a little different though, businesses are prepping for a quieter holiday season, as most consumers are spending more cautiously. Holidays sales a projected to increase 5-7% down from the usual 10-12%.

But none the less, to prepare, business owners are ordering inventory earlier to avoid the supply-chain hiccups that frustrated them the past two holiday seasons and to draw in early birds. Get your orders in for inventory now to help prepare for the upcoming holiday surge! Apply for working capital here at to help set up your success this holiday season!